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More stuff.....

As promised here are the other book marks I made, inspired by the Jenny Rolfe class last week at Bramble Patch. I'm so pleased with them and I've shown them around at work and a number of people said they would like them. I've also managed (just) to get my BQL challenge block completed for March. It does still need to be quilted - but at least the block is together. As you can see Kandy introduced the technique of photo y=transfer - those of you who know me know this is a technique I love. I printed my image as A4and used the remaining pieces to make more single and double blocks to use in the piece. I'm looking forward to quilting it as when it's 12 x 12 you can experiment and you aren't too disappointed if it doesn't go to plan.
The weather has at last picked up and although it's cold at least the sun is shining.
Hope you're all having a good weekend. Perhaps I'll see some of you at Trentham next Sunday.

Jenny Rolfe

I had a great day yesterday at Bramble Patch - I took a class with Jenny Rolfe called 'miniature works of art'. Below is the result of a day's work. It measures 2.5 by 8.5 inches. I'm really pleased with it as the finish is much better than I normally achieve. Needless to say I'm now making my third one. And here is Flo with a look that says 'don't you dare move me......'. And we didn't.Still having great weather - it really seems to have given everyone a lift. Take care and I hope you're all having a great time too.

Sewing days

Had a great day yesterday sewing in the village hall with the lovely quilting ladies of the village. Made good progress with my Scrappy Irish Chain and hope to get the top finished this week. Anyway -not much else to say.... Hope you all have a good weekend.

Busy busy...

Hello, yes I'm still here. I had a lovely day out yesterday with the Lutterworth Embroiders Guild to London to see the Prism 2009 exhibition at the Pall Mall Gallery. Although not a large exhibition all the pieces were of a very high quality. Hopefully in the next blog I'll be able to provide you with some details of the artists. Because we were there from 10 - 4 we decided to visit a shop I heard about from one of the quilters in our group - McCulloch & Wallis. What a treasure trove. I was very restrained and only bought 4 meters of ribbon. We also had lunch at the new National Geographic store on Regent Street. It was rather nice.
Here's another of my blocks for the exhibition at the Bramble Patch. I've got to deliver them in the next few weeks and I've just got to finish off the one block and then decide how to get them hung.
And finally here's Flo - exploring. LOL She really can't wait to stick her little nose anywhere. Luckily she jumped out before we…