Saturday, 24 January 2009

Just a few things for you...

Here's my BQL January 2009 challenge. The idea is that you make a 12" quilt - it gives you the opportunity to try new techniques, colours and use up some of your stash. I'd really encourage you to have a go as it really doesn't take too long.
As it's new year it's a great opportunity to try new things and think in new ways. One thing I think we should all take more time with is in looking after ourselves. With this in mind I'd like to tell you about a new digital radio station I've found called Chill FM. They also have a website that enables you to download their podcasts - I've found listening to their meditation podcasts before I go to bed has really helped me get a good nights sleep. I'd love to hear your experiences with them.
And finally I'd like to let you know about another website that also has podcatsts available - it's Alyson Stanfield's website Art Biz She really puts a lot of effort into her website, newsletter and podcasts. And I'm sure you'd find lots of useful information.
I hope you'll be able to find time to look at these sites and let me know what you think.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Day out

Yes - I'm still alive. I managed to catch the wonderful viral infection that DH had and I've spent most of the last week in bed. I now have a delightful cough left - but I am feeling so much better. I think most of the UK must have had it by now.
And my first day out was a really good one - and of course sewing related. As I'd been going to the monthly classes at the Bramble Patch I hadn't been free (or had the time) to attend any of the events with the Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters - but yesterday I did. And it was a really good day. It's great value for money - only £4.00 and that includes tea and coffee for the day and cake is only 50p per slice ( and very nice too). The talk is usually in the afternoon - but this time it was in the morning - it was given by Amanda Hall of Monkey Buttons. Lots of talk about bags.... Amanda started the talk by saying she had 36 hours in her day - I think she must have at least 48 as she seems to get sooooo much done. I feel like I have about 7 LOL.
The afternoon was spent having a good chat with lovely people like Jane from Sew Create it and her daughter, Lynda and lots of other very friendly attendees - quilters really are a friendly lot.
I promise I'll have a photo of my BQL challenge next time - I'm making good progress but want to wait until it's finished before I post it.
See you soon.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Holiday time

I've had a great holiday. A lovely Christmas and New Year, met up with friends and got lots done. Best one for ages.
I've been brave and decided to sign up to the 2009 BQL challenge. The idea is that you make a 12 inch square quilt each month. Kandy published the instructions and you learn lots of new skills as the year goes on. I really like the challenges as it encourages you to try different skills and see if you like them without having committed to a large quilt.
Now the dreaded January New Year's Resolutions. I'm still pondering - so when I've decided I'll let you know...