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Carol Naylor Class

Hello all.Well another busy enjoyable weekend. Saturday was spent with the lovely Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild attending a class with Carol Naylor. And the most amazing thing is I actually finished my piece today! So we all started off with a piece of blank canvas, drew on the design and then got stitching  well, more like painting with threads. So this is what I started with: and after a lot of stitching.... I ended up with this: I'm really pleased with the result. We used a variety of threads both on the top and in the bobbin. You can see the rest of the groups results at the Splendour of Stitch in Lutterworth between 13 to 17 August. It includes an exhibition, demonstrations, sales table and refreshments between 10 - 4 each day with a late night on Friday between 6-9.  Please do make a note and try to see us if you can. I can assure you the cakes are great.

The History Wardrobe

What a great afternoon I had yesterday with some friends.  The Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild organised a talk by The History Wardrobe, on Agatha Christie and Art Deco. Lucy and Merry really do put on a great show - and the costumes are amazing.  So here are some photos: Early version of big girl's pants  Details of the dress
Detail of the dress worn above
And here are details of some other dresees we were able to look at:

Have a great weekend

Living Thread Group Class with Jo Beattie

Hello all. I've had a very busy - but really good weekend. On Sunday I had a class with Jo Beattie from the Living Threads Group. It was only a small group. So the aim was to select an item and develop it into a design and hopefully end up with a completed textile item at the end.  Sounds like a tall order - but we all managed it. So here are the photos of my work during the day. The item I started with was a shell. I looked at from different angles and drew the image on paper and newspaper - drawing on newspaper is a really intertesing process, it feels much less pressured than drawing on white paper, and gives a pleasing result.  I extracted an element from my drawing and then worked it through. 
Next are the different colourways I tried, and I used different watercolour pencils and crayons. And then I replicated the pattern in tissue paper. And then I started my piece of textile sample. And here it is all together. Here are some pieces from others at the class.

Really interesting work. And…

Bramble Patch Exhibition - Orientation and SIX Feiends

Hello all. I hope you're making the most of the sunshine. So after a 4 day week that felt like about 10 I thought I deserved a trip out.  Off I went to The Bramble Patch to see Orientation and SIX Friends exhibition. I was very impressed with the work I saw and have a few photos below to share:

But the work I really loved looking at was in the next room, partly because I know a few of those exhibiting.
So here are a few photos of their specific works.  Sabi Westoby Sarah Showers  Sabi Westoby Brenda Boardman I must admit I had serious sketch book envy too.
I always love looking at sketch books - it's great to see how ideas have developed and also it's great to look at the samples too. Anyway, bye for now, take care and enjoy that sunshine.