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It's a miracle!

If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it. Yes - Fluff and Flo - asleep - next to each other.

Not so sunny weather

Well - it's not sunny any more. To say it's raining would be a real understatement - it's thrown it down. I haven't taken a photo - it's too sad. I've found a really good blog called Hope in every day. Krista has some great ideas about how to yourself motivated. She suggest setting your own classes - so you decide on what you're going to study, your own book list, field trips and objectives. It's such a great idea. With the weather having taken a turn I'm now so looking forward to Sewing Camp. Not long to go now. I went to Bramble Patch yesterday and delivered my quilt for a cause for their Strawberry's and Cream exhibition. I also did a bit of shopping - not all for me I hasten to add. Anyway - must get on.