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Hello all. I'm back from a holiday in Falmouth.  The weather was amazing.  We did lots of stuff, a visit to Pendennis Castle, a boat trip and some great meals too.  On the way back we visited Wells. Here area few photos:


Wow - September already. How did that happen? I have been busy doing some sewing, but will show you more in another post. Yesterday I went to Oxford with two lovely friends. The main point of our visit was to see The Eye of the Needle at the Ashmolean. There were about 50 pieces on display, and they were amazing.  The work was so fine.  Some of the cutwork looked like lace.  It was also interesting to see how they combined such a range of stitches. A number of the pieces were quite formulaic, with the same features repeated in many of the pieces which showed how many of them must have used a pattern book.  And then - we couldn't resist it - we went to The Pitt Rivers Museum.  And all I can saw is WOW.  I have been before but had forgotten quite how amazing it was, and in parts how gruesome.  An amazing Victorian collection.  Some weird items - shrunken heads, a totem pole, a parka coat made of seal intestine and anything else you could think of.