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Work in progress

Hi all, I hope you're well and dry.  Yet again it's rained hard for most of the day.  We had a sewing day with Leamington Embroiderers Guild where the aim was that we all sewed name badges.  And this is my effort. It was interesting to see how we all came up with such different designs. And you can see some of the other designs on their blog. And here is the current work in progress.  It's taken from the latest Quilting Arts magazine.  Although the magazine provides ideas and a pattern you can really make the houses your own.  This still has some more embellishment to go.   Promise I'll show them to you when it's finished. Take care all.

Work in Progress - Walk II

Hello all. I have been working on the next piece in my Walk series. Below are some of the photos that inspired this - harvest time. I collected grasses which I took home to study further.  Some of the seeds dropped, I photographed these, traced them, scaled them up and had Thermofax screens made.  I have screens made by Thermofax. They are always very good quality.  If you don't want to use your own designs you could select one of the vast range they have ready made.  Again, great quality and design. Here are the design pages for my screens. I really enjoy this part of the design process - focussing on one small element. Before going any further I needed to draft out the background  - colours and ideas about stitching.  These may change as a result of sampling. And here is the fabric background with some screen printing (bottom and on the right on the yellow fabric).  I used a subtle yellow fabric paint from Colourcraft.  You will see this was just what I wanted. Before screen printing …