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FoQ part 2

So - here's another post about the FoQ. There was so much that I couldn't fit it in one post. Many of us struggle to find inspiration and I've often heard tutors say - 'it's all around you - you just need to open your eyes'. Well, here's proof of that. A single yellow line on a road. We must all see them every day. This photo is just of a small section of the finished piece - it really made me smile.  The artist is a graduate from last year, Sue Dawson, and she had the opportunity to exhibit her work in a small unit. The texture was very well constructed and some parts of the yellow line were made from fluorescent yellow fabric from jackets. Another piece she made is below. Again, a very interesting texture - but just look at it when photographed with the flash on. In this piece she used grey fluorescent fabric which didn't look anything at all without the use of flash - but looked very different when flash was used.   She was a really interesting lady to sp…


Hello all. Apologies for the delay - but better late than never. I've lots to share with you about the FoQ. It was a great exhibition this year. So... here's the first of a few posts about the show and what I liked about it.  I hope you like it too. So here is Hilary Beattie.  She was very generous and shared her technique with us of making backgrounds by using her fabric scraps and using Bondaweb or other products that bond fabric to fabric.  It's such a great technique, and she makes it sound so easy - but when you try it yourself you realise how difficult it is and what a great eye Hilary has.  She was demonstrating at the Rise and Shine coffee morning on Saturday.  I went to the session last year.  It's a great opportunity to meet people and see techniques. Below is her entry to FoQ.  A really beautiful quilt.

The two photos above show the outfits made by the Kemshalls and entered into the fashion show.  Sometimes clothes with embroidery or when they're quilted are -…

Class with Pauline Barke

Hi, Thought you might like to see my work in progress from a class I attended recently. It's my own dyed fabric torn and reassembled. I'm not sure if this will end up as a picture or a cushion.
It needs some more machining - but my little machine is in for a service with the fab Supreme Sewing Machines. So hopefully I'll have it finished very soon. Hope you're all looking forward to the Festival of Quilts. Might see a few of you there.
If you want to see the catalogue early - here it is

New month, new course

Hello all. Hope you're all well and enjoying August.  I can't believe it's August already. Anyway I'm very excited as I've enrolled on a new course - Sketchbooks with Design Matters. I'd really like to hear from any of you who have already completed courses with the Kemshalls or have signed up for this course. Hope to hear from you all soon.