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Creating Papers

Hello all. I hope you're managing to keep warm and dry today. The weather is awful, cold , wet and windy. So, I thought it was an ideal opportunity to spend some time painting papers as part of my Design Matters course. The idea is that you paint a variety of papers and when completed use them in collage. The aim is to develop these more with perhaps more painting and using oil sticks, some crinkled and some flat. Lets see how they end up. Take care all.


Yay.  Finished my cushion.  Am very pleased with it.  Hope it sells at the Festival. It's still raining!

Cut and Come Again - sort of

Hello all. Are you managing to avoid the downpours? Crikey when it rains - it really rains. So here is my attempt at Edwina MacKinnon's 'Cut and Come Again' technique that she taught to our group - but I was unable to attend the class.  I was a bit annoyed this week and this is a great technique when you're annoyed.  If you look at the link to Edwina's blog you'll see hers is much better (as you would expect).  But I think if I have another look at her blog photos perhaps I can adapt it.  I'll be putting these blocks together to make a cushion cover for the show in Market Bosworth in June. I promise to show you the results when I have it finished. Have a good weekend - and keep dry.

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

Hello all. Just wanted to show a few images from my day out at the Uttoxeter Quilt Show.  I had a really nice day with a couple of the girls from Market Bosworth Quilters. So here are my purchases - I think I was quite restrained. Firstly a book called 'How to be Creative in Textile Art' by Julia Triston and Rachel Lombard.  I'm very impressed with it and hope I'll work my through it. I also bought some lovely fabrics from Images of Egypt (plain fabrics) and Batiks n Beads (batiks surprisingly).  I really like these - lets see what happens with them.  I also wanted to share some of the quilts I saw there.   When I was on holiday I bought some beautiful daffodils and these reminded me of them.   Below is an awful photo of a great quilt.  Made by one of the girls in Market Bosworth Quilters - it really isn't her usual style.  Very abstract.  Circles - you can never go wrong.
 And here's another one by one of the girls in Market Bosworth Quilters.  I even managed to make o…

St Ives

Thought you might like to see a few photos form my holiday in St Ives. As you can see I've not quite mastered how the line the photos up as I'd like...

New York Beauty

Hi All.  Just to prove I haven't been sitting around doing nothing - here's my New York Beauty block from a class with Linda who very kindly showed us the tricks of the trade.  I know this one is very orange - I did some more after this one and I used fabrics that you could distinguish the points. Promise to post more soon. Have a good Easter. PS Thank you for the lovely welcome back comments xx


Hi. Yes I'm back... Apologies for having not posted for sooooo long.  I've not been too well and had Whooping Cough for the last 2 months. Typically only I could get Whooping Cough.  But I'm pleased to say I'm feeling much much better now. Anyway I promise to post some nice pictures this week. All the best to you and enjoy the weather whilst you can.