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I've been busy - honest.

So - just to prove I do sew, here's the quilt I'm entering at Trentham - that's not at Trentham now. Unfortunately the snow fall earlier in the year resulted in the roof collapsing on the building used - so Margaret has been an absolute star and has managed to find a new location - very near to the original. Please look at her website for full details.
And here is my entry for Malvern - like the previous quilt I've got to sort out a sleeve and a label.
And to prove what a great day I had on Saturday at the Bramble Patch dyeing fabric with Bren - here's whet I ended up with. I'm rather pleased and have a cunning plan to do some more. And I can't tell you how excited I've been with this edition of The Quilter ( you get this when you're a member of the Quilter Guild). It's got soooo many great artists in it and articles too. So we've got Edwina Mackinnon, Ineke Berlyn, Laura Kemshall and Sheena Norquay.
And I'm hoping this edition of Selvedge w…

Run for Life

Hello all, Hope you're all well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine today. It's so nice to see it at last. Just wanted to let you all know that on 13th June I'll be doing the Race for Life and wondered if some of you might like to sponsor me or perhaps you'd like to give it a go yourself. Promise I'll have some photos for you next week. Take care