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Crocheted Lions

No really - crocheted lions.  I'm sure some of you will have already seen them.  I've seen them on TV but they are HUGE. So we went to Twycross Zoo car park to have a look at them in the flesh - well the wool. And here are some close ups
Apologies about the poor quality of the photos - but there was a lot of reflection. I had a great time on Thursday at Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild.  We had a facinating talk by a delightful lady called Kumi Middleton. She made the most exquisite bags by upcycling kimonos.  She descibed her joureny from when she first took up art when she came to the UK, via St Martin's College of Art and then upcycling the kimonos. Here are some photos of the bags she bought along. And here is Kumi showing us how to put on a kimono. It was a very interesting and engaging talk - if you get the chance to see her do go along. Take care, keep dry and I hope you didn't get caught out by the clocks going back.


Hi,  Apologies for the lack of recent posts.  I can assure you I have been busy. I've been practising my free machine quilting - using different tensions. And I made a pressie for a friends birthday pressie.
And, I've been to a class with the Embroiderers Guild at the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.  We were given a very interesting talk and tour by one of the archivists. And then we went across the road to have our class with Alison Samain.  When I saw her work I was sure I wouldn't be able to produce anything like it.  But with some very good tuition, I did produce something that resembles her work.

I've also bought a few bits too. Great buttons from Hobbycraft
And some ribbon from Wilkinsons - yes Wilkinsons. So - I'm off to start pondering my piece for the Kickstart exhibition.

Hello It's Autumn

Yes - it's autumn.  And this morning started a big misty - which meant I could see lots of cobwebs.  Lots of leaves are turning red too.  I had a class with Angie Hughes last week.  A class with Angie is always good.   We started off by free machining basic patterns and shapes.  I used a different colour top and bottom.  I really liked the effect it gave.
 Angie showed us her sample book.  they look really good against black paper.  But again - it shows that you need to make a sample book...

 Angie made a landscape - which she was going to cut up and use on cards - a great way to make samples and make good use of them. Here's Angie's picture.  It's a landscape. Mine looks less like a landscape - much more abstract.  Still lots to do on it. Have a great weekend (what's left of it).