Sunday, 7 November 2010


Hello all,
I hope you're well and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather at the mo. Today it's a beautiful fresh sunny day. The leaves are spectacular.
The flowers don't seem to know what to do. Here's a photo of a poppy that's decided to flower.

I attended a Leamington Embroiderers' Guild lecture on Friday. It was really interesting. It was given by Jane Davies and her trip to south west China. She very generously shared all her purchases with the group and explained how traditional dress was reflected in modern dress. She gave a really good lecture.

So on Saturday there was a class run by the same group at the same venue. Unfortunately no one turned up to open the hall. Bit of a problem. But being a resourceful lot another hall was found nearby and we managed to run the class only starting an hour later than planned.
I've included photos and brief descriptions of the techniques below.
 This illustrates 3 techniques. The one on the left is wax crayon shavings that are then attached by using an iron and baking parchment.
The next one top right is again using a texture plate with water soluble crayons this time.
The bottom right is using the shavings obtained from using fine sandpaper and water soluble pencils. You can either use damp fabric or dampen the fabric and shavings.
You can combine these techniques with using stencils.
 So the first one above is using both a texture plate (From Hobbycraft) and soluble watercolour pencils. The different effects are achieved by the fabric being wet or dry before you start rubbing the texture plate
This is my favourite one. The fabric was sprayed with a number of Crafty Notions sprays and then, using the texture plate again (but only small specific parts, use Markel sticks and a metallic one to lift the design.
So in spite of a bit of a of a rocky start the class was very good. They were a very friendly group and I'm certainly looking forward to more classes.
See you all soon.