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Sunny weather

Yep - another sunny weekend. It's been beautiful again this weekend. The garden is really blooming now.
The poppies are enormous and always looks so dramatic.

Flo is really enjoying the warm weather - she's found a few cool spots in the garden. But she is getting hassled by a couple of new garden residents. We have 2 beautiful robins who keep sitting on the fence and sine their little hearts out. She just sits looking at them all confused. If you look hard enough you can see the robin on the fence. I'll try to take a better photo with more robin and less garden.
And I have been sewing. We had a great day yesterday in the village hall. Barbara Chainey delivered a hand quilting class. She is a great teacher and I would recommend attending a class of hers if you get the chance. I think our festival sales stall will have a number of hand quilted cushions on it this year. Anyway - must get back to washing the sofa covers. Boring I know but you have to take advantage of the weathe…


Where has the time gone? I can't believe my last post was on 13th April! Anyway - no excuses. Here's a nice photo from a couple of weeks ago when the Farmers Market was on in the village. As you can see it was a lovely sunny day. This was the view we had whilst we sat having a cuppa.
Here's the quilt as you go blocks our group made. I've now joined them up and Angela is putting on the binding. This will be our raffle quilt for the Market Bosworth Festival. We'll be in the Village Hall again this year and will be serving drinks and cakes on the 27th and 28th June. It would be great if you could come along.Finally - I'm on the mailing list for Cynthia Morris's site, this week she sent an e-mail with ideas about how to boost you're creativity this summer. Certainly something I'll be taking a look at. I'm off now - but I hope all of you in the UK have had a good Bank Holiday - the weather has been fantastic (yes I got burnt again).