Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Market Bosworth Festival 2008

Thought you might like to see a few photos of the festival this last weekend. So a few cute animals to start with - llamas and the shire horses plus cart - they did slow the traffic up alot but they looked great.
More quilts...

And below is our sales table - bursting with cushions...

our cushion raffle...

and more quilts...

And us saying goodbye to one of our members - in fact he was our token male quilter LOL and we're really going to miss him.

We had a lot of interest in our sewing Saturdays we've got booked for September and October - neither of which I can make as I'm at the Bramble Patch. And another thing that was mentioned was a website for our group. Have any of you got any ideas about this? Any comments about what you think works or doesn't work would be very helpful.

Off to Bramble Patch again this weekend and hopefully an exhibition - I'll tell you all about if next weekend.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hello all. yes I'm still here. Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been away with work for quite a bit and I seem to have spent most of the weekends washing and ironing getting ready for the next week - and that's what I'll be doing when I finish this blog. Luckily July includes Sewing Camp - I can't wait.
In spite of lots of washing and ironing I have managed to play. I've decided to work through Jenny Rolfe's book 'Handmade Embroidered Purses' - I thought it would be a relatively easy to work through the examples and learn some new things - and learn how to put in zips.
So here's my first one.

I used my buttons I got from E-bay and I like the result.

An here are my naughty purchases... I thought I'd increase my stash. I bought lengths rather than fat quarters for a change. At £3.00 per yard you can't really complain.

Any way I'm off to pack my case - again.

I'm in London for the week commencing Monday 23rd of June. If any of you are free for a cuppa in Libertys please do drop me a line - it would be great to meet up with more bloggers.

Have a good week.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Market Bosworth Festival 2008

Well - it's almost here and here we are making things to sell at the festival.
The 2 chaps in the corner made a real racket all day - with maintenance jobs - they even ate our cake....
Here are the 2 cushions I made in our group.

And below are two UFOs I've finished and made into cushions for the sale table - or the raffle.
I've had a great weekend - lots of sewing...

And I'm so pleased that I've got the two magazines below to relax with over the next week.

And here is Flo - asleep on our bed yet again.