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Lots of bits and bobs...

Hello all. Hope you're all well and that, like me, you had a lovely sunny weekend. Yes dry and sunny in England and yes it's September.
I had a great day on Saturday at Brenda's class. It was so nice to meet up with everyone again and hear what they'd been up to over the summer.
I had great fun tray dyeing some calico - I do have photos and here they are: And here are the results from the trays.

Lovely as this fabric is - I was aiming for an olive green LOL. You can tell I was chatting and not concentrating. But hey - I like it.

A mix of chestnut brown and rust orange.
Just royal blue

And my copy of Selvedge arrived. I love the front cover. I drive past these round hay bales every day and they're just asking to be rolled...
And finally - more photos from the NEC. I've still got lots more photos - I think I'll just pop a few on now and again.

Brenda Boardman's winning entry...
Lots more great quilts from the FoQ. Have a great weekend. My sewing machine has been fixed - but I think it might need a service...

Rain, rain, rain - it just didn't stop

Yep - it's been raining for days... and it hasn't stopped for days and days now. It's not a light drizzle - it's throws it down.
But today, for the first time in ages, it's dry and sunny.
At long last I've posted some of the photos I took at the FoQ 2008. I've got lots more so I'll try to post these over the next week or so.
I'm also a bit grumpy as my machine isn't working as it should so tomorrow I've got to get it sorted. It's so frustrating as I've done all it said in the book and changed the bobbin, thread, needle and feet and still it isn't as it should be. Ahhhhh. I'm sure it'll be better very soon.