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My Festival of Quilts

I hope you enjoy this selection from the FoQ - more to come.

Hope you're all enjoying the August Bank Holiday. It's such a shame the weather has been rather dull - but we did manage to get a little bit of gardening done.
Thank you for the kind comments about my first 'proper' walk. I'd certainly like to try some more in the future. I wanted to tell you about the the lectures I attended at the FoQ. I'd certainly recommend having a look at them next year.
So my first one was Pauline Burbridge - what a great artist. She was really interesting. She explained how she planned her year and the process she used to make her pieces - she was very generous with sharing her sketchbooks. She makes 2 types of work now - large pieces and then pieces on a more domestic scale; these latter pieces allow her to develop a theme. She had a exhibition space at the festival - well worth a look. Next was Maggie Gray. She is so enthusiastic (and very funny)- even though she'd only got …

I know it's the Festival of Quilts but...

I had a few days away earlier this week. DH thought it would be nice to share with me his experience of walking the North Yorkshire Three Peaks - so we walked Ingleborough. Unlike him I managed to keep all my toes nails and could manage to walk up the stairs a few days later with ease. LOL.
And yes this photo is from the top - in August - I know it should be sunny - but as you can see it was a little overcast and a little windy.

And here I am at the trig point. I did have a hat on but it blew off once and I didn't have enough energy to run after it again.

I'm really proud of myself for getting up there as its the first 'proper' walk I've ever done.

Anyway - I'm off to FoQ again in a mo - so hopefully I'll bump into a few of you there.

Have a great weekend.

More stuff from Quorn

I'm so glad you enjoyed looking at the quilts in the same pattern - but different colours. I hope you like the other examples here in the All Star jelly roll quilt. Anyway - next week is the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. Are any of you going? I'm there on Friday and Saturday so hope to see some of you there. Have a good weekend

Sparkling Jelly

I thought I'd share some of the quilts that were made at sewing camp. All these ones are a pattern called Sparkling jelly and you'll see what a huge difference colour selection makes. It also shows what great quilts you can make with a jelly roll.

Have a good weekend.

I'm a lucky girl

I'm back from sewing camp - had a great time as usual - due to all the lovely people I met up with (and those I went with). My sewing desk did get rather messy - but I got lots done and I will post photos of the projects and what other people made.
The Jacksons (as they are called) each made an owl - they did make us laugh... I even had a dream about owls - I rescued a baby one.
And here are my cracked tile blocks laid out. I will post another photo of it finished - with borders. And I've won some fabric on a blog - the blog is Greenolive. It's a great site and she's a very talented designer. So after this quick post I really need to sort out my sewing room - it really does look like a bomb site.