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Hello all. Apologies for not having posted for a few weeks - I've been really busy. So where to start.  I'll leave the festival of Quilts for another time as I took so many photos I need to sort them all out.  But I must say I had a great time, and I was especially pleased to have gone with and met up with great friends. But I've also went to see Catherine Nicholls and Edwina McKinnon at the Open Studios at The Bramble Patch.  It was so nice to meet up with them and have a nice chat. They were working hard on pieces for an upcoming exhibition at The Forge Mill from 7 September to 21 October 2012.
Here they both are, hard at work. I'll be posting again very soon.

Bramble Patch & Open Studiio

Hello all, I had a lovely day yesterday at the Bramble Patch visiting Bren Boardman in her Open Studio and I was also lucky to be able to see the 2012 Showcase where the theme was Bletchley Park.  So here is Bren talking to one of the visitors.   And here is a great piece of work by Sarah Showers who is also exhibiting at Festival of Quilts.  The stitching is very interesting - lots of variety of stitch and thread.   And here is a selection of Bren's students work - lots of lovely sketchbooks to look at.  And here - at long last - is my mystery quilt finally finished my hand quilting. Having stitched just inside the stars I needed to tie in another area of the quilt so quilted just inside the squares - I think it works quite well.  So my favourite thing next - binding. Enjoy the sunshine and the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Hope to see some of you at the Festival of Quilts - looks like it should be very good.

Burtle Harvest Home

Hello all. Sorry I haven't posted for a while - those Olympics are rather addictive and I'm watching the most bizarre collection of sports. Anyway - we had a weekend away to the Burtle Harvest Home - really a good excuse to meet up with lovely family and eat and drink.  So here's the huge tent that 500 of us sat in for a really amazing meal.  And inside was very nidely decorated too.  The next day we all walked up Glastonbury Tor.  As you can see the weather was a little volatile. I amazed we kept dry - well at least we kept dry on the way up - on the way down we got a little damp. And in the post today my programme arrived for the 2012 Festival of Quilts. The theory of buying this before the show is that I can plan what I'm going to see.  I'll let you know how it goes. Tale care and enjoy the sunshine