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Oh and we had some more

Hope you're all well and have had a good Christmas.  I thought you might like to see what greeted me when I left for work last Wednesday morning.
Mmmmm - it was snowing. Lots. Some of you may have seen our village on the BBC 24 hour news or the BBC One O'Clock news. I did shout at the TV a bit as they kept saying it was the first snow we'd seen. But why let facts get in the way of a good story. I did get to work - despite a bit of slipping - but then we all got sent home due to the continued heavy snow and worsening road conditions. I'm very happy to say at long last the snow has now melted and we can all get out and about.
I hope you've all had a good Christmas. I had some great pressies - very nice books that I'll share with you soon. I've also almost managed to get rid of my sticking cold - was a little rough but am feeling better as each day goes by. Anyway - I'll leave you there now and hope to hear from you all soon.

It's back

Well if you have a look at my last posting with the beautiful sunrise - you can see it looks a bit different today.  Yep - the snows back - and boy is it back. I'm very bored of it now and would much prefer to be able to get out and about as normal. The trouble in the UK is because it's not cold enough we get rain that turns to ice and then we get snow - whereas in the Scandinavian countries it's so cold it just gets snow - with no rain to turn to ice. The picture below is what my budlia looked like after the freezing fog lingered for a few days. I've been lucky that all the items I ordered on line have arrived - and I've only got fresh stuff to get in for Christmas dinner now. I do realise that we've been much more fortunate than many. How are things with you all?  Keep warm and hope to hear from you soon.


Hello all, Apologies for my tardiness at posting. No excuses - I'm rubbish.  I thought I'd start by sharing a scene from my bedroom window this morning. Spotted by DH.  And here's a cake I've baked this afternoon for Christmas. It's getting packed onto the freezer very quickly otherwise we'll end up eating it now. It's a pear and ginger one from the BC Good Food magazine. And here are the 'yellow squares' that members from the Leamington Embroiderers' Guild have made. Mine is is second in from the right on the second row from the bottom. very simple - but I like it. The variety and skill were great to see. Anyway I left the weather until last. I'm sooooo bored of it now. It's become very slippery underfoot and I'm such a coward as I'm terrified of falling over. I have managed to get to work every day last week and do appreciate there are lots and lots of people much worse off than me - but I'm ready for it being cold and dry now. T…