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Sewing camp

Hello - apologies for the delay in posting. I think I've just about recovered from my 5 days quilting at Sewing Camp. Boy was it hot. Working all day in a room with 8 other women, their machines and about 5 irons made it an even hotter experience. I think we all had a permanent glow. The nights were really hot too - but only 7 of us in our dorm. I had a great time and I thought I'd start to share some of my photos with you. The batch above are examples of the table and bed runners made during our stay - on our last day we all stand up and 'show and tell' what we've made over the 5 days. It was great to spend the time with such a great group of women in our sewing room. You learn such alot from each other. I've managed to see an example of the results from Sandra Meech's class which has helped me loads in getting my stuff ready for her class at the Bramble Patch in October. You also get to see what other machines people have and what they like / dislike about…


Hi. Just a quick last minute post with a few resources I've been using that you might like to have a look at.
First up is Wordle. Such a great site that is just great fun but you can also use to see a poem in a different way.

Another site I always have a look at is Kerri Smith's Wish Jar. Kerri has another book out and she's got a bit of a tease about it on her site. Please do have a look - it's great fun.

For those of you who would like to market yourself and your art more is Alyson Standfiield's ArtBiz site. You can sign up for weekly newsletters and also iPods. She offers courses - but I've not tried any of these out.

Another for those of us who have too much 'stuff' is Unclutterer. A fun site with lots of useful ideas to help you to sort out hat 'stuff'.

DIY Planner is a site I happened upon which has lots of useful ideas and templates to help get you organised.

And for my birthday my mum very kindly bought me (early) a Day Timer. It's great I…


Hi. Yes I'm still here. Sorry about that - I didn't realise it had been almost a month. Anyway no great excuses - so I'll just crack on. The piece below is made up of the left over binding and pieces of fabric I had left from my Bosworth Water Tower. I thought I could use it to try out a few ideas and techniques rather than have them on lots of bits of calico sandwiches all over the place. I promise I'll post it when it's finished. In my Bramble Patch Class, Bren set us all a 'postcard challenge'. The idea was to exchange postcards and use them as as inspiration to make a gift for the person whose postcard it was. I forgot to take a photo of the postcard - but it was of a bicycle under a tree in a wild flower meadow with the Oscar Wilde quote of 'I can resist anything but temptation'. Well I can resist anything except tea and cake - so that was what I made. I received a beautiful Dream Catcher with a dragon fly on it. I'll take a photo for next time.…