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Busy busy

Hello all. Hope you've had a nice weekends.  It's been rather wet - but luckily when DH and I went away for a few days in Ludlow it was beautiful sunshine.  Managed to top my tan up.  Yes - I meant I got a little pink - perfect when you're wearing a skirt and socks with trainers - very attractive. And was told I looked like Miranda. Friends have now suggested I make a living signing autographs or act as a double.  I may well write and offer my services. I thought you might like to see a few photos of our time in Ludlow.  This is a photo I took at the top of the tower of St Laurence Church in Ludlow. And below is the view from the tower. It was a fantastic view on a bright clear day. Well worth the 200 tiny steps - not good if you have big feet like me and DH.
 And the flowers for sale on the market were really beautiful.  The War Memorial was rather interesting too.  No information about it which is a shame as it was beautiful. And this is the hotel we stayed in, The Feathers.  I…

Another walk

Hello all. Thought you might like to see where I went for a walk with DH on Sunday. Very nice.  Although it was overcast the whole time I still managed to end up rather pink, well red to be honest. Will I never learn. And here is some lace and thread that I've tea dyed.  I'll show you what I do with it later. I've also made really good progress with my altered book project. I can't wait to show you all - but it's hush hush until the end of the project. Take care all and hope to hear from you soon.


Hello all. Hope you're enjoying this weekend. Thought you might like to see what can happen when a tape measure and a rotary cuttter meet. Not good - but at least it wasn't my finger.  And here is a cushion I've made for my cousin as a wedding present.  I hope she'll like it. I'm hoping to get a few more things finished this week - I'll let you know how I get on.

Frances Pickering

Hello all. Just a few photos to show you the work our group completed on Frances' class.
 Mine are the in the photo above, on the right - the rather psychedelic pages... I promise to show you the book when it's finished. See you all soon.