Monday, 22 September 2008

Lots of bits and bobs...

Hello all. Hope you're all well and that, like me, you had a lovely sunny weekend. Yes dry and sunny in England and yes it's September.
I had a great day on Saturday at Brenda's class. It was so nice to meet up with everyone again and hear what they'd been up to over the summer.
I had great fun tray dyeing some calico - I do have photos and here they are:
And here are the results from the trays.

Lovely as this fabric is - I was aiming for an olive green LOL. You can tell I was chatting and not concentrating. But hey - I like it.

A mix of chestnut brown and rust orange.
Just royal blue

And my copy of Selvedge arrived. I love the front cover. I drive past these round hay bales every day and they're just asking to be rolled...
And finally - more photos from the NEC. I've still got lots more photos - I think I'll just pop a few on now and again.


Karol-Ann said...

Your fabric looks great. I recognise one or two of those NEC quilts - wow! Must have been a spectacular show!

Kaye said...

I love how the fabric came out. I love the 'olive green' in particular. Its all my fault I was talking to you too much!!

dióhéj said...

Thanks for these pictures!