Saturday, 27 August 2011

FoQ part 2

So - here's another post about the FoQ. There was so much that I couldn't fit it in one post.
Many of us struggle to find inspiration and I've often heard tutors say - 'it's all around you - you just need to open your eyes'. Well, here's proof of that. A single yellow line on a road. We must all see them every day. This photo is just of a small section of the finished piece - it really made me smile.  The artist is a graduate from last year, Sue Dawson, and she had the opportunity to exhibit her work in a small unit. The texture was very well constructed and some parts of the yellow line were made from fluorescent yellow fabric from jackets.
Another piece she made is below.
Again, a very interesting texture - but just look at it when photographed with the flash on.
In this piece she used grey fluorescent fabric which didn't look anything at all without the use of flash - but looked very different when flash was used.  
She was a really interesting lady to speak to.
Another student exhibiting with this years City & Guilds graduates was Susan Jones. She integrated embroidery into some very stylish clothes.  She had a great set of sketchbooks - as did all the students and they were all happy to have a chat.
Here is some of her work.

Maggie Grey was her usual entertaining self - always delivers a good lecture and is very generous with her work, experience and techniques.  If you get the opportunity to listen to her do go along.
I'll leave it there for now - I do have more to post...
And I'm very pleased to say I have received my password to enter the website for my Sketchbook course.  I must say the quality of the material is very high - as you would expect from the Kemshalls.  I'm really looking forward to cracking on with it this weekend. I promise to keep you updated with my progress.
Hope you enjoy the Bank holiday weekend and you manage to avoid the thunderstorms.

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Sarah said...

I also loved the edge of the road piece, so clever to even see it as a possible source of work. Really enjoyed FoQ, especially Pia Welsch & Regina Benson's work.