Monday, 15 April 2013

Living Thread Group Class with Jo Beattie

Hello all.
I've had a very busy - but really good weekend.
On Sunday I had a class with Jo Beattie from the Living Threads Group.
It was only a small group. So the aim was to select an item and develop it into a design and hopefully end up with a completed textile item at the end.  Sounds like a tall order - but we all managed it.
So here are the photos of my work during the day.
The item I started with was a shell. I looked at from different angles and drew the image on paper and newspaper - drawing on newspaper is a really intertesing process, it feels much less pressured than drawing on white paper, and gives a pleasing result.  I extracted an element from my drawing and then worked it through. 

Next are the different colourways I tried, and I used different watercolour pencils and crayons.
And then I replicated the pattern in tissue paper.
And then I started my piece of textile sample.
And here it is all together.
Here are some pieces from others at the class.

Really interesting work.
And on Saturday I had a great time. I attended a Pride and Prejudice party! I had a great time, lots of tea and cake and of course - Colin Firth.
And we had great pressies too!
So - I hope you all had a nice weekend.
Take care and hope to hear from more of you soon.

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