Sunday, 8 November 2009

A class and stressed Flo

I had a great day yesterday playing. I had a great class with Mikki - who I originally met at Bren's class at Bramble Patch. It was a really good day and I'll show you in more detail how I'm going to use the techniques I've learnt. I've certainly got a much better idea about how to use some of the stuff I've acquired over the years. Watch this space... And now to Flo - the strangest cat we've ever had in our life - and she's number 6. Well we took her to the vets to make sure there was nothing wrong - but after a very thorough examination she said she was physically fine - but it was more likely to be stress. Yes stress.
So now she's a very spoilt cat who gets her own way all the time and gets to sleep on our bed every night. And she's a delight - enjoys fuss, comes when you call her and she hasn't gone for either of us once. So there you go.
Here she is sitting in the bath waiting for the tap to be run.
Anyway - must go now for the ceremony we have in the village at our war memorial for Remembrance Sunday.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

How do they know a cat is stressed? Do they have like a one-to-one chat about how tough life is? In any case...hope she is feeling better soon :o)

Leanne Hurren said...

ooh that looks like a fun class - what was it called?? Tell me more

Sarah Jayne said...

Oh Jane – you’re a very cheeky lady ;-). Flo is much better now – as she gets her way all the time and can sleep on our bed at night. So nothing to stresses her out at all.
Leanne – the class was great and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you soon.
If there is anyone else who’d like more details please do use the link on the posting for Mikki and I’m sure she’ll get back to you with more details. She also does great altered book course – a good fun day out playing.