Saturday, 6 February 2010

Books and stuff

Hello all. How are you? I'm really good. I'm certainly enjoying the gradually improving weather. 
One of the challenges Bren set us was to stock take our books and magazines. Hmm Can't give you the results (as DH reads this sometimes) but there's alot. And one thing we were also asked was to pick the one book we'd take to a desert island. Well my selection is the one below;  'An illustrated Life' by Danny Gregory. I often pick it up and can always find something interesting to read. 
What book you you take?

One of the many books by my bed at the moment (there's always a pile) is this one 'The 12 secrets of Highly Creative Women' by Gail McKeen. I'm so enjoying this so much. The women interviewed are so generous with their ideas - it's a really encouraging book to read.

When I went to the November Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters one lovely lady was demonstrating making Christmas Puddings - they looked so cute I couldn't resist - so here are my two.

And finally here are my completed strawberries. Another bit of fun. I got the kit for these from The Bramble Patch some time ago and have finally stuck on the stalks.
I'm off to spend more time tidying up - have a good weekend.
'The mere sense of living is joy enough' Emily Dickinson


jacqueline said...

Nice blog Sarah and interested in your Danny Gregory choice - he is on my 'to be read' list (which is so long I will never get to the end of it!) I'll keep my choice a surprise until next week - am getting anxious now as haven't kept up with the 'homework'. See you there anyway.

Contented Caroline said...

Cool - you made my puddings - they look great. Glad to see that all is well with you.