Saturday, 18 December 2010

It's back

 Well if you have a look at my last posting with the beautiful sunrise - you can see it looks a bit different today.  Yep - the snows back - and boy is it back.
I'm very bored of it now and would much prefer to be able to get out and about as normal. The trouble in the UK is because it's not cold enough we get rain that turns to ice and then we get snow - whereas in the Scandinavian countries it's so cold it just gets snow - with no rain to turn to ice.
The picture below is what my budlia looked like after the freezing fog lingered for a few days.
I've been lucky that all the items I ordered on line have arrived - and I've only got fresh stuff to get in for Christmas dinner now.
I do realise that we've been much more fortunate than many.
How are things with you all? 
Keep warm and hope to hear from you soon.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Hope you are keeping warm. I must admit I feel like Rugby is in a bit of a bubble as we haven't had much snow. We did have a snow squall came through on Friday which dumped 1" down in very short order...and wouldn't you know it was just as I was coming home from grocery shopping. It was an interesting drive home!! An hour later the sun came out..and life returned back to normal! LOL

Sarah said...

Happy Chritmas! We too had very little snow, but bitter cold - lovely when the sun comes out. Keep warm and all good wishes for 2011
Sarah S