Sunday, 5 December 2010


 Hello all,
Apologies for my tardiness at posting. No excuses - I'm rubbish.
 I thought I'd start by sharing a scene from my bedroom window this morning. Spotted by DH.
 And here's a cake I've baked this afternoon for Christmas. It's getting packed onto the freezer very quickly otherwise we'll end up eating it now. It's a pear and ginger one from the BC Good Food magazine.
And here are the 'yellow squares' that members from the Leamington Embroiderers' Guild have made. Mine is is second in from the right on the second row from the bottom. very simple - but I like it.
The variety and skill were great to see.
Anyway I left the weather until last. I'm sooooo bored of it now. It's become very slippery underfoot and I'm such a coward as I'm terrified of falling over. I have managed to get to work every day last week and do appreciate there are lots and lots of people much worse off than me - but I'm ready for it being cold and dry now.
Take care everyone and keep warm.

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I just love that first picture...fantastic!

Hope you are keep well!