Saturday, 10 May 2008

May has arrived

I think we're all in shock - as the weather in the UK (for most of us) has been great over the last week and promises to be great for the next week. The photo above is one I took on a walk in our local park. I thought the framing made the view look very inviting.

And here are the results of my potassium permanganate dyeing - as you can see I over cooked this one a bit so it started to dissolve. But I rather like the result.

And here's a selection of the range of fabrics I dyed - silk dupion & noile, scrim, calico and cotton.

And my turquoise results from my Procion dyeing. I used the same fabrics as with the potassium permanganate.

I think they go rather well together.

And finally - here's a photo of our quilt that we're going to raffle at the Market Bosworth Festival, 21 & 22 June. The proceeds will be going to LOROS. I do hope some of you might be able to come along. There are loads of things going on - a really great day out.

Well - I'm off to watch Casino Royale now - you can never get enough Daniel Craig can you. LOL


Karol-Ann said...

Those colours do go well together. Great raffle quilt. Stunning view (and Daniel Craig: not bad too!)

Libby said...

I love the raffle quilt! What fun...

Purple Missus said...

Great results with the pot.mang. I especially like the 'overcooked' one :)
Sometimes I think its a shame that they don't stay the lovely purple colour of the diluted crystals, don't you?

fiona d said...

gorgeous browns - the first time I've seen fabric dyed with potassium permanganate - I just remember it from diffusion experiments at school!

maria said...

That picture looks so inviting!


Stephanie said...

Absolutely loved your dying efforts! What lovely browns! I can see I may have to get my fingers into that too to get the color variates I need on some items. Great job!