Thursday, 7 August 2008

August already

I still don't seem to have got back into the posting on the blog routine again. But, better late than never, here is another batch of photos from sewing camp.
This first photo hopefully gives you an idea of about how much stuff I take along - that's it almost full with the back seats down.

Here is my quilt as you go laid out on the table before I put it all together. I'll be posting a photo very soon of it completed. Each block is machine quilted - so it was a challenge - but I must say I have improved lots.

And here is my 'Summer Fever' quilt. I really enjoyed putting this one together - there was virtually no waste. The colours haven't come out very well - the green is an Oakshott lime green - certainly gives it a bit of zing.

And below are loads more photos of what people made during sewing camp. I think I've enough left for one more long photo post - so I'll try to get those posted at the weekend.
I hope you'll notice there are quite a few jelly roll quilts.

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