Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Saturday day out

I had a lovely day out yesterday. But before I went out Flo decided to explore the climbing plant that comes over from the garden next door. It was really funny to see the rustle of the foliage and then a head pop out. The little dark lump is Flo trying to get on the roof. The lengths she'll go to to get somewhere.
I then went to an exhibition at The Brewhouse, Burton on Trent for 'The Feel Good Factor Final Show'. The artists displayed a great range of paper art. Please do look at Gillian Taylor and Linda Marie Young websites - their work is great.
I then went onto The Lavender Patch where I had fantastic lunch and bought a couple of new lavender plants. The photo below doesn't really do justice to how beautiful the shop and cafe was - beautiful soft furnishings. The lavender is a bit late flowering but the photos on their site look amazing.
I then went onto Staunton Harold for a look round. Yet more great art to look at.
Oh and The Fabric Guild have finally set up a website - it's got loads of links to free patterns and the producers websites - it takes some time to look at all the links but it's a great resource.
I'm off now to get all my jobs done - I was having too much fun yesterday so that's the price I have to pay LOL.
Take care.

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Kaye said...

Looks like you had a lovely time. I spent the weekend, talking, beading, playing with teh kids bubbles and shifting furniture - not as exciting as yours!!