Saturday, 22 May 2010

What I've been up to...

Hello all - yes I'm still here.
Wow what wonderful weather we're having at the mo. 
Well - I've been busy - as you can tell from the lack of posts.
Well - I've been to Malvern - where one of our group won 1st prize in the cot quilt section
I entered a quilt - but was very disappointed with how it looked when it was hung - very very creased with a scunched up patch too. I think i was aprtly to blame as I didn't hang it before I sent it. So, I've washed it again, and this time its stored on a roll with bubble wrap layered. I hope this will improve it's next showing.
The weather has also brought everything out in the garden - here's one of my jumbo poppies.
I just love them.
And finally - just to prove I am working my way though my OU Digital Photography course - even if I'm a little behind schedule - here's one of my edited photos.
I'll show you original next time.
Have a great weekend.

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