Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hello all

 So, I've been doing a bit of cooking. A Blackberry and Yogurt cake. I was really pleased I found a recipe I can use my frozen blackberries in. The fruit looked really pretty in the cake - and tasted good too.
 And then a bit of batch cooking. It's amazing how far a kilo of minced beef can go. So from the top:
Cottage pie
Spag bol
All for the freezer.

 I had a very nice trip out to the Garden Barn. It has some great things for the garden - all very reasonably priced. And they have a great coffee shop with fantastic cake. Well worth a trip out.

 And finally this is the view from our church spire. DH and I walked up the narrow, steep, spiral staircase and got a great view. It was a shame it wasn't a little clearer - but we still had a great view.

I have been sewing - but can't show you the results until next week as it's a pressie for someone...
Take care and have a great week.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

You know I've driven past the Garden Barn several times, but have never stopped...hmm must put it on the list to do!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the GardenBarn, will definately take friends there in the near future.