Sunday, 9 January 2011

More stuff...

 Hello all. Hope you're well and enjoying 2011.
So here are some more things I've started on and progress I've made with others.
So the first photo of a project measures approximately 9" x 11". I've used my potassium permanganate dyed fabric and I'll be stitching on them - hopefully later today.
 Here's the progress I've made with my fabric paper. I've started stitching and will be doing a little bit at a time. Not too sure how I'm going to use these - but it means I can keep my and in with free machine embroidery.
 Yesterday I went to the Leamington & District Embroiderers Guild Members Day. It was really good - a really good group of people. For those of you who saw the broach I made for my friend for her birthday (see photo below) I had the pleasure to meet the lady who wrote the article in Stitch. She very kindly told me about her blog - well worth a look.

You may well be wondering what the photo of a book is doing. 
Well - altered books here I come. 
The Leamington & District Embroiderers Guild have a small group who will each be selecting a topic and then the book will be passed around the group - with each interpreting the topic. I'm a little bit nervous - but am looking forward to the challenge. Again I'll share my progress with you.
And just a quick update on the cake I baked and froze. Well it was defrosted and warmed and we had it with ice cream and cream. Hmmmmm it was very good. So I'd certainly recommend the Sticky Pear and Ginger Cake.
So - hope you all have a good day and hope to hear from you all soon. 
Thank you so very much for the comments it's great to know you're all out there.

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