Sunday, 3 June 2012

Baking for the Jubilee

Hello all.
If I told you it was a bit wet - it really wouldn't convey how wet it is and it's coming down in sheets.
So, I've been a good girl and been to the gym this morning.  And now I've baked Jubilee Crown Shortbread.  Good job I went to the gym.
This is my second attempt - rolled out a bit thicker and allowed a little more room to spread.  One of the cookie cutters doesn't seem to work as well as it can spread into the next part of the shortbread.  But I can assure you they taste good.
I wondered if any of you had been to Malvern to the quilt show.  Unfortunately I didn't make it, but hearing from friends who did, I missed a really good one. With this in mind I thought I'd let you know details for next year's competition are out.  Why not give it a go?  When you enter a quilt you do get a day ticket too.  Be brave - go for it.
Take care and keep dry!

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