Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hi.  Yes - I'm still here.  Where did November go?  I can't believe it's December already.  And crikey it's cold.
So - what have I been up to?  Lots.
 Well - the German Market in Birmingham was fun.  Lots to eat and drink - well worth a visit.  At the same time you could also visit the museum where some of the Staffordshire Hoard is on display.
 I took this photo from the platform at my local station whilst I was waiting for my train.
Now - this isn't a great photo, but it's from my weekend in Knaresborough with a very good friend.  We decided we'd go and listen to Harrogate Brass Band in the Old Swan.  So in we went to listen to the band, which was great, the cream tea was an experience.  To say it was badly organised would be an understatement.  We were in fits of laughter.  The best bit was when we had 3 scones for a table of 4 and the waitress couldn't see what the issue was!
Anyway I had a lovely day weekend.
I've also had a class with Janet Bolton, it really was a lovely day.

I love the naive style she uses and its simplicity.  That makes it look very easy - I can assure you it's not!  It took me all day to make the background.  But it was all hand sewing and although at first this seemed to take ages, then when you got into the pace of it, it was very relaxing.  If you get the chance to listen to her talk or attend a class - grab it.  I had a lovely day.
I also met a friend for lunch at Compton Verney and we also looked at the Dovecot Studios exhibition.
I had expected to see rather traditional tapestries - so was happy to see very modern work.  Have a look if you get the opportunity.
Oh - and I went to the cinema with DH to see Skyfall.  Oh, it's good.  I won't say any more. 
So, I think that's about it.  I promise to try to blog more frequently - I must go and wrap some pressies.
Take care all.

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