Monday, 5 November 2007

Last week

Well - I did a few things last week that I forgot to share with you all. And even after this posting there are a few more to come.
The photo above are of some oat and raisin cookies I baked - they managed to last for both a visit from the in-laws, a night with the quilting group at my house quilting and a husband with a hearty appetite.
Here are some of the purchases I made at Malvern. These packs were just £5, 8 pieces about 24cm square. I bought these for one of my fellow quilters who's after a variety of black and white fabrics.

And here are my fabrics I bought - the ones above are for my stash.
The bottom ones are for my pink quilt - circles and squares again.

And finally here's my experiment that didn't work. Can you even see the organza next to the printed A4 sheet? The idea was to see if photo transfer would work on organza and would show up - but as you can see it doesn't work. I'm back to screen printing in gold - which I know will work.
Finally - 'hi' to all of you who went to Quorn at the weekend. I know some of you are keeping an eye on Market Bosworth via my blog. Please feel free to stop by and say 'Hi'. And for those of you who went I'll see you in the summer.


Saraheliza said...

Hi Sarah - it's Sarah. Yes I am keeping up with you all in Market Bosworth!! Sorry you weren't there at the weekend - we had fun and we got lots done in our room. Glad you enjoyed the show though.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

TAG you're it! Details are on my blog. Play along if you like ;o)

fiona d said...

Sarah, do you know if the people you got the black and white fabric pack from do mail order - I am looking for something just like it