Monday, 26 November 2007

Saturday at Bramble Patch

Hello - hope you're all OK and had a good weekend.
I had a lovely time on Saturday at the Bramble Patch. You can see Kaye and myself managed to take over a second classroom as we wanted to dye and be a bit messy. At the start we looked tidy - but it didn't last.
Here are the results of my screen printing on scrim in gold. It looked fine.

And here is the start of my backing - more gold screen printing on calico but it will have some photo transfer bits on too.

And here are my samples. Not so great. But as DH keeps telling me that's the whole reason you make up samples. I know - but I was still annoyed.
The top set of lettering has been cut out of scrim and then threads pulled to make it look distressed. I've then hand stitched using a variegated cotton perle no 8.
The bottom sample is the same scrim, screen printed in gold but with a piece of calico behind it so the words are more obvious. Oh - I forgot to say I tea dyed the scrim as it was a stark white.
Although I'm pleased with the idea of putting the calico behind the scrim I'm not too sure how it's going to look with lots of words over a larger piece of work. I think I may pin the words on to see what it's like.

My next few photos are of Kaye and her quest with painting bondaweb - she's really mastered it. The bondaweb was painted with silk paints - and this dries relatively quickly. The it's torn and ironed onto the fabric - she then painted in the gaps. As you can see it gives a great result.

This is Kaye pulling off the backing once she's ironed on the pieces.
Well I'm off to quilting tonight to see what they think of my samples.

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Quilt Pixie said...

the white behind the scrim makes such a difference in making the lettering readable! Looks like you had a productive and fun weekend. :-)