Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sandra Meech...

So I spent last Friday and Saturday at the Bramble Patch attending a class with Sandra Meech. I was very pleased to have such a great group of people on both days to work with and I'm pleased with my results from the class.
The first photos I have are examples of what students achieved during the days

Below are examples of the paper collages we all made on the first day.

And these are examples that Sandra brought in for us to look at.

And below is my paper collage of a sea scape.
And the result of the transfer paints and other embellishments I used to produce another seascape.
I won't be posting for a couple of weeks - but I'll be back with lots of photos for you all.
Have fun.


Faith said...

I love the work and the abstract images very experimental I love it

Quilting Journey said...

These are absolutely fabulous! The little simple leaf prints that my sister in law did with her 2nd graders (that I helped turn into pillows) could go to a whole new level when I share all of your lovely art work for inspiration with her! I know some of these could be incorporated at a much simple level for others less artisticly talented. You do such beautiful work, Sarah, in every single thing you do! Thank you for sharing so much of what you do with all of us!!!