Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What I've been up to...

My aim was to do some art everyday and for the most part I have managed it - it might only have been 10 minutes or a flick through a magazine - but I have done something. And the photo above is what I did for a week in the evenings. It was a very good friend's birthday and i wanted to make her something - so here it is. I'm very pleased with the result - and I'm pleased to say so was she. It's from a book called Kokoro no Te - Handmade presents from the heart and it's the first project I've made from it. I do like having something to hand sew rather than always being at the machine so another aim (yes I have lots of them) is to always have some hand sewing.
Now - although like me you are trying to forget how quickly the year is progressing - it is coming to that time of year again -yep Christmas. And at The Bramble Patch on Saturday Bren bought along some Christmas theme boards she'd made. The idea was to think about different colour ways for this festive season - not just the traditional red, green and gold - but silver and blue. What do you think?

She also had some great ideas for wrapping presents - from making your own paper to using fabric to wrap presents.
Now I'm going to leave you guessing what I'm up to with this....and ideas?

I'm finally getting over my sketchbook phobia - its only taken almost 2 years - but it was well worth the journey.
So here are a few pages.

Lots of dyed calico...
And here is the fruit of the sketchbook - well it's a work in progress.
And finally - Flo asleep on the bed. She won't move for anything LOL
I'm so excited as I've got a 2 day class with Sandra Meech at Bramble Patch on Friday and Saturday.
Have a great week.

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Quilt Pixie said...

looks like you ahve an angel in progress with that pattern on the fabric.... Its an interesting idea to branch out in festive colours for Christmas... may need to explore that a little....