Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stephanie Redfern class

Hello all.
Hope you' re having a good weekend and the flooding hasn't impacted too much on your life.
I've had a great time.  On Friday at Leamington Embroiderers Guild we had Stephanie Redfern deliver a talk.  Something she doesn't do very often. She bought an enormous pile of work with her that she very generously shared.
Here are a few photos of her work:
 I particularly liked seeing the worksheets that Stephanie uses to develop her work.  Rather than a sketchbook these pages seem to give her more space to develop her ideas.

So then on Saturday we had a class with Stephanie.  Again piles of samples, which were great for inspiration.

Again, Stephanie was very generous and let us have a good rummage through all the samples.
But, of course the purpose of a class is to produce something yourself!
I decided I could spend hours (literally) drawing up a great design.  So instead I opted to use some simple shapes to learn the technique and to enable me to get on with stitching.
The first stage produces something that looks rather forlorn.

 So here we are with the fabric and paper shapes bondawebbed onto the background fabric. Looks a bit sad.
A little bit of stitching makes a huge difference. The stitches are very simple. Either long or short stitches in different threads.  Still lots more to do - but as a sample I'm really pleased.
I'll show progress as I go.
The rest of the class made some great work - and all sooooo different.
I think I can speak for all of us at the class and say we had a great time.  Stephanie was very good at ensuring she saw and encouraged all of us on the class.
Take care and see you soon.

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Sarah said...

Wow, so envious, I wanted to take the 2 day courses she was doing at the BP but diary commitments prevented me.
It looks fun and very stimulating. Hope you are well and haven't got trench foot yet!
Sarah S