Sunday, 11 August 2013

FoQ 2013

Well - what a show.
I hope that those of you who managed to get there had as good a time as I did.  It was great to travel to and meet up with lovely people.
Here are a few highlights.
Here is the lovely Jo Lovelock demonstrating how to get fantastic results with tray dying. You can see how it started with soda soaked fabric and developed into this amazing try of beautifully dyed fabric. 

 I also bought the most beautiful threads from her too.  Do have a look.
 I have taken quite a few more photos but need a little time to recover and sort out who make which quilt, so I'll post these over the next few weeks.  

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Sarah said...

The virtual studio was stunning! Lovely to see you there. Bought a couple of your cards at Lutterworth Exhibition - very impressed.
Sarah S