Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hello - Embroiderers Guild and Festival of Quilts

Hello all.
I hope you're enjoying the changeable weather we're having.  It seems to go from bright sunshine to a torrential downpour in seconds.  Well, it does give us something to talk about.

I was visiting the Handmade Boutique in the Western Arcade in Birmingham and was chatting to Tiger Lilly, we were chatting about the Embroiderers Guild. It reminded me of the preconceptions people have about the Guild - that you have to be an amazing embroiderer and if you aren't you can't join.  I really can't emphasize enough that all you need is an interest in textiles and or sewing.  You can literally just come along to the talks and not go to any workshops. 
It's worth researching the branches websites to see what they do, when they meet etc to see if it fits in for you.  And you can always test any group by popping along as a visitor.  Don't worry about going on your own, many groups now have a buddy system, so the way the groups work can be explained.  But the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.  Look on the Embroiderers Guild website and see where your local group meet.

And now - it's that time of year again, actually it's a bit earlier than normal. 
And having pre-ordered I've already got my show catalogue.
I'm going for a couple of days and I have a few talks booked, I'm hoping to meet friends,  have a chat and see what they have bought.
Take care all and I'll be back soon with photos of my purchases.

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