Monday, 4 May 2015

May Day Bank Holiday weekend and other stuff

Hello all.
In the UK Bank Holidays have a reputation for having rubbish weather, which suits the British as we love to moan about the weather.  This weekend has been a typical mixed bag. Friday was very nice and I managed to split a Japanese Anemone, and replant the parts. So I was pleased when it rained heavily yesterday as it saved me watering them in.
The weather also gave me the opportunity to spend the day tidying my sewing room. I have managed to tidy the cupboard. It's all labelled, and hopefully, it makes a bit more sense. I must say it was very satisfying. So no excuses now ....
I went to the British Quilt and Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Racecourse last weekend. It's a relatively low key event, well anything is compared to Festival of Quilts. There's a good mix of quilting, embroidery and traders. So, here are a few photos from the event:

 This is a beautiful example of embroidery. Beautiful muted fabrics and lots and lots of stitching.
I loved the Modern Quilts that were part of the competition. It was interesting to see how traditional techniques are being used in such a different way.

And this is a rather poor photo of a prize wining quilting by someone I know.
I also attended a design class with Jan Baker, who is a member of the Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild.
She was very patient with us all and I found it very useful to be reminded of the design process.  It's certainly something I'll look at again.  
Here are a few photos:
 So here is Jan, in full flow, providing direction and sharing her fabulous sketchbooks. 
Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend.

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