Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sewing retreat

Hello everyone. I hope you've made the most of another Bank Holiday.
I've been very lucky and have been at a sewing retreat.  It's great fun - an opportunity to sew and socialise and learn new things. So here are some photos of what I got up to:

Still to be quilted but nice bright cushion covers
 A 'doodle cushion' which looks very complicated but as it was well thought out was actually as easy or as hard as you wanted to make it
 Disappearing nine patch with a lovely charm pack - Persimmon by Moda, plus a few of my own and the spotty fabric to pull it all together.
 Cut and come again - a workshop by Edwina Mackinnon which I keep on at. I really like the results.

And finally a bowl I am very very pleased with. The original fabric was truly horrendous and this is a massive improvement.
Now there was a catastrophic event on the retreat. My machine broke on Saturday morning - not even half way through. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thank goodness for the amazing Sarah who saved me by letting me use her machine and for the fabulous Heather who let me finish the bowl on her machine.
I am very very very very happy to report the machine has been to see the fantastic Steve and the timing is now back in sync and I am a happy lady. DH is also happy as we had a number of talks about buying a new machine.
So thank you to all the lovely ladies at the retreat and for those who organised it.

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