Thursday, 23 August 2007

Anniversary surprise

Well I knew we were going away for a night at a very nice hotel in Newmarket, Bedford Lodge Hotel. I also knew my husband had a surprise in store for me - but I had no idea what it was. It was so lovely to find out he's arranged for us to have our wedding vows affirmed at our local church. He's such a romantic at heart. All I was told was he would be wearing a suit and I should dress smart. As the day approached I realised it didn't involve food ( as we'd be eating a nice meal at the hotel that night). It was lovely - just the two of us and I had the biggest grin on my face during the proceedings. I still can't stop grinning when I think about it. I know I'm a very lucky girl. The hotel was fantastic - we stayed there last year for a night to celebrate his 40th.

I also meant to say who I met at the NEC FoQ. I went with some of the Market Bosworth Quilters and we met another member there too. I also bumped into a few people from the Brenda Boardman class I attend at the Bramble Patch. But I also had the good fortune to meet Liz - Florence's Attic - and a fellow blogger. It's always so nice to meet the person behind the blog (as it were). We had a great chat and I hope we'll be able to meet up again.

I promise I'll post some photos soon of the quilts at the NEC FoQ. I've got rather a lot - so they need some sorting.


Marisa said...

That hotel looks beautiful. What your husband did is so romantic. I am really really impressed. That's a great idea.

Jane Weston said...

He's a keeper! What a lovely surprise and such a romantic way to say how he cares for you. You are a very lucky lady :o)

Karol-Ann said...

Oh that is so romantic! You lucky girl :-)

~poshquilter~ said...

What a lovely surprise Sarah!
A couple of love birds even 20 years on.

Teresa said...

That's a lovely surprise!
We celebrated our 20the wedding anniversary that week too - we went to the Festival of Quilts! DH did say that he enjoyed it! ( but I suspect I wont get him to go every year!)

You and I do have one more connection - I went to Bosworth College near to where you are now.