Monday, 20 August 2007

Festival of Quilts - shopping

Well - I did buy quite a bit.
My excuse (DH if you're reading this) is that it was my birthday the day before and it's when I make most of my purchases.
So first off - 'The painted quilt' by Laura and Linda Kemshall is a great book - well worth the money. And Linda and Laura were there demonstrating most of the time. As usual they were very generous with sharing their techniques.
Next are a couple of books I've been after for a while. 'The beginners guide to machine embroidery' by Pam Watts is only a slim publication - but is really great.
The 'Art quilt workbook' will be very useful - the idea is that you work through the exercises and produce work as you go along. I'm sure this will help in conjunction with my class at The Bramble Patch.

I then got rather carried away at the Art Van Go stand. So we've got another lot of Koh I Noor watercolour paints, foils that can be added to fabric with PVA, Markel sticks and finally some metallic rubs (they aren't to be used if you're going to wash the fabric).

Janome bobbins - the cheaper version never seem to work as well.
A small pack of 3 eighths from Oakshott - their fabrics are so beautiful.
And finally some thread that I'm sure I can use as bookbinding thread - I think I bought it from Empress Mills.

Now a few bits for dying - scrim and muslin from Art Van Go. Plus some soda ash.
Silk threads and cocoons from Stef Fabrics.
Some beads for embellishment from Kate's Kloths.

I can't remember where I bought the braid maker from.
'The Little Book of machine quilt patterns' by Ineke Berlyn - I know I need to practise.

I managed to get this catalogue from the 3rd Annual European Triennial exhibition for half price - my only deal on the last day. I'll try to show you more of their work on a future blog.

My free gifts from renewing my British Patchwork and Quilting magazine.
I also started a subscription with the Quilting Arts magazine - I got a great bag. The subscription was a great saving on the standard price.

The top card is from an exhibition of Jenni Lewis's work - she was very chatty and the work was very good.
The bottom postcard is of a piece worked in both glass and textiles inspired the The Gherkin - it was great to see both next to each other.

And finally (honest) some buttons.
As you can see the Festival of Quilts is a great opportunity to see traders you just can't get round to visiting. I promise on the next few blogs I'll share some photos of the quilts - there was over 1000.
But tomorrow it's my 20th Wedding Anniversary (yes I was a child bride ;-)) so I'll be out and about.
Hope those of you who visited the NEC had a great time - I'd love to hear what the highlight was for you.


Selina said...

Belated Happy Birthday!! I didn't realise.

Glad you had a reat time at the festival, no wonder you've been quiet... with all those quilts o see and interesting stuff to buy.

Hope to catch up soon.

fiona d said...

wow, what a lovely lot of stuff. I got The Painted Quilt as well - I think it's very good

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you got some fun stuff. Now you'll have to get to work and make stuff to show us! LOL!

Quilting Journey said...

...chiming in with Birthday wishes!!! Lovely purchases, lovely gifts. Glad you had fun! Rest looks like you have lots of artistic fun ahead of you :)

katelnorth said...

I think you bought almost as much as I did (and it's not even my 39th birthday until November, so I have less excuse). I think we even bought a few of the same things... Just wanted to say also if you've never used transfoil before, that you can also use it with bondaweb (I prefer that technique to PVA glue - probably because I'm not patient waiting for the PVA to dry) - just cut a shape out of bondaweb, iron it on to the receiving fabric, then place the foil on, shiny side up, iron, wait a few seconds (important, or it doesn't cover well) and pull up - hey presto. I've used it with great effect to make snowflakes like the kind you cut out with kids, only in foil. And other shapes...

Anyway, belated Happy Birthday and enjoy your goodies - I will look forward to seeing what you do with them!

Helen in the UK said...

Great shopping at the FoQ ... probably not as much as your DH feared if he read your earlier posts!! Have fun with all the new goodies :)

Sarah said...

Hope you had a VERY happy birthday! I love all the goodies you got at the festival!

Cathi said...

Looks like you had a good time at the NEC too, lol! Great haul!!