Sunday, 16 March 2008

Dyeing to tell you all about...

What a great day we all had yesterday at The Bramble Patch in Brenda's class.
So - here we are - lots of photos.
The first one is tray dying - with the calico twisted like a Chelsea bun.

And here is my poly bag dyeing - this is still sitting around. I'm going to leave it for a week.

And this tray had a variety of items, calico, scrunched cotton and silk cocoons. Most of the fabric was folded.

At least, for part of the morning, it was dry enough to dry outside. As usual we all got very different results.

The microwave dyeing was fantastic. Very quick and bright. On the left the silk dupion was scrunched up and then a thread wrapped around it. The silk noile was folded and stitched. The colours are just great.

Here are some of the tray dyeing bits, wrung out and waiting to go home to dry.

These are another set of microwave dyed fabric. I used some manufactured fabric here - white with a white image on them so the dye would take differently.
I've still got to iron these and finish off the poly bag dyeing - so the next post I promise will include more photos of the finished fabric.


verobirdie said...

All beatiful colors! The sight of those fabrics drying is very tempting.

Liz said...

They look great. I love it when you finally get to iron fabric you have dyed - it is like it comes alive in from of your eyes.

samantha said...

what fun, always fun to do something messy too.