Sunday, 30 March 2008

Easter week

I haven't really done much sewing this last week - and considering I've been on leave you might think I was rather disappointed with that. But I've had a really nice week. And that's in spite of the weather. It's gone from one extreme (as you can see from Flo in the snow at 6.30 on Good Friday) to glorious sunshine. I've pottered about at home and tided up and thrown lots out, started my book alteration project for my class with Bren, been to the Bramble Patch ( see to our class exhibition) and gone to the gym to lots of classes. And we even managed to get lots of those jobs done that you never seem to get round too - like taking the books to the charity shop.
Did any of you go to the Bramble Patch exhibition? I went with a friend from our quilting group - she was very impressed with the variety of the work and I thought the Bramble Patch did a great job displaying all of the work.
Next Sunday I'm off to Trentham - to see what our quilts look like - I think as a group we've entered about 7. Please let me know if you;re going on the Sunday. It's a good show - not too large and plenty of places (across the car park) to have lunch.
I hope you've all had a good week.

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