Sunday, 20 April 2008

Fun time dyeing

Well we had a great day at Bramble Patch dyeing and screen printing fabric. I've photographed the ones I did.

First is one of the pieces I dyed last moth - I screen printed over it a number of times with a mix of turquoise and gold paint - using a Thermofax stock screen.

This piece I screen printed with scarlet and a transparent yellow.

This one was screen printed with a crackle style screen - using cobalt blue and gold.

And finally used two screens on this one - and both red and yellow paints.

Here are my in progress photos of the large piece of calico I prepared for tray dyeing - here it is soaking away.

And here's a section of it rinsed, dried and ironed. I must say I'm rather pleased. It only sat in the tray of dye for just 4 hours.
We also had a baby shower as one of our class members had a baby girl - she came along with her husband and mother. They all looked very happy - and baby was very cute and well behaved.
I've actually started in my note book too. I watercoloured a load of pages and I'm just writing notes in it - but it looks very nice - much better than plain pages. I'll take some photos soon and let you see.
Hope you've all had a good weekend.


Karol-Ann said...

Very interesting results. Do you have any plans for all your dyed fabrics?

Purple Missus said...

Wonderful pieces. I love what you have achieved with the Thermofax screen.