Monday, 16 July 2007

Block progress

I'm already cracking on with the next quilt. I find it really exciting to start putting blocks together and to see how it works on a stick sheet. I've just got one set of blocks to make for the main body of the quilt - I'll put those together and then start thinking about the borders - I've already got a few ideas.

I went to Kisko (The Fabric Guild) and bought some really interesting fabric. I promise I'll take a photo and put it on the next blog.

Hope you all had a good weekend. The weather her is really volatile. We go from having torrential rain (yesterday) and then bright sunshine (today).

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Quilting Journey said...

I loved the quilt you just finished so much, I will be excited to see just how different this new one will be. The brights carry so much energy...I just love that. It will be fun to see the fabric you selected for a possible border...the one you tempt us with to get us to come back soon and read the next blog. You smart and clever, woman, you !! ;)