Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sunny weather

Honestly - we've had sun for a day and a half now. This means everyone has dashed out to mow their lawn - if they were anything like ours it was 2 foot long in places. As you can see from the photo above the garden is very wild. For those of you who've been watching the Tour de France from London you too will have seen that we've had sunshine. You can't believe how wet it's been - when it's rained it has rained for hours at a time and really heavily - there were even hailstones in some places. We have another show in the village and it had to be cancelled as the ground was so wet and it was thought too many vehicles (lots of horse boxes) would get stuck. Hope you're all having the right weather for the season you're in.

Anyway I have been crafting. I've made another raggy cushion. This one is for a demo I'm giving at our sewing retreat at the end of the month. I've still go to write the instructions but I don't think that'll take too long.

I'm also STILL hand quilting my rather large quilt - but the end is in sight. I'm on the final border now. My aim is to have finished the quilting by the time I go to sewing retreat and then to put the binding on whilst I'm there. I made the binding up last time I was there with scraps - and I've just measured it and it's 1.5 inches wide - ohhhh I think it's going to be tight but I'm sure it'll be fine.
I'm still amazed by the number of red dots on my map and the number of hits on my page - I'd love to hear from you all.


Leanne Hurren said...

Love the cushion Sarah! Tell us more about your sewing retreat as I seem to have missed this!

anne bebbington said...

Yes Sarah we've had loads of rain here in Somerset too although nothing like as much as they've had in Yorkshire - they were warning people to travel to the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate by public transport this morning as the car parking there is so soggy (it's mainly on grass) still at an agricultural show surely they'll have the odd tractor or two to extract people if they get bogged down

dizzyjadey said...

Please do show-and-tell us your big quilt when you've finished it. I'm sure you're excited to see the end :-)